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Welcome to Automated Real Estate Services, Inc.

Automated Real Estate Services, Inc. (ARES, Inc.) is in the business of writing, marketing and supporting real estate closing, title insurance and escrow accounting software systems.

In the real estate closing and title insurance industry there continues to be a lack of professionally written software that addresses document processing requirements down to the county level. More and more title agencies are expanding there operations by opening branch offices in multiple different states with the goal of eventually having a national presence. This expansion has created a greater demand for centrally based software that can be run from satellite offices in different states and still provide local functionality as it pertains to the adherence of state, county and municipal regulations, calculations and document production. Along with this national profile comes the need for increased managerial reporting and control. The need to maintain a competitive edge demands that commitments and policies be delivered when promised; that closings take place when scheduled and that lenders receive post-closing packages in a timely and accurate manner. Event tracking is a must. Managers need to know how long it takes to get from a title order to a finished commitment. How soon are the policies generated after all post closing documents are received and recorded? These types of reporting and tracking features, as well as extensive and updated document libraries, are the necessities of today's software purchasers.

For five years, ARES, Inc. has been embroiled in the process of redesigning and writing our software for the 21st century. We feel that the result of this development effort is a national-class software package that answers the needs outlined above and others not yet enumerated. Our design lends itself to fast adaptation to changes in the industry, easy maintenance for a national customer base with Internet-driven updating, multi-level security, advanced document production, managerial reporting and much more.

We invite you to take this opportunity to browse through our website to learn more about us and our products and services.

Tony Lopez, Founder & Chief Executive Officer
Automated Real Estate Services, Inc.

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