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Company Mission
To provide the best possible software and support to the real estate closing and title insurance market through dedicated customer-oriented personnel and utilizing the latest technology available.
Company History

The business started out as home-based startup in 1986 and the first release of the software became available in November 1987. By 1991, ARES, Inc. had customers in three states and it began the process of moving into offices and hiring customer service personnel and programmers to begin expanding the capabilities of the software to include title production.

With the advent of the Windows operating system in 1995, came an immediate need to completely rewrite the software in order to stay technologically current. The existing DOS system had functioned extremely well for many years; however, in this new environment, its impending obsolescence was inevitable. This became a major priority for the company. As a result of this development effort, ARES, Inc. offers a national-class software package that can meet the requirements for real estate closing and title policy generation in any state in the union. Click   Products and Services  to learn more about our software product offerings.

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