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Lazer Systems

First, an Application Service Provider (ASP) is a company that offers end-user software applications over Internet. This method of offering a software application, over the Internet, is referred to as Software Hosting.

Lazer Systems is our latest Windows-based application used for real estate closing and title policy data entry and document preparation. ARES, Inc., offers Lazer Systems as a hosted application, which can be easily accessed over an encrypted and secure Internet connection. The System is also available as a locally installed client-server installation if you prefer, but the hosted solution offers many advantages.

The System is hosted on our servers, which are located in Jacksonville, Florida and are being monitored and maintained by Peak-10, a company with other large data centers located in Charlotte and Raleigh, NC, Louisville, KY and Tampa, FL. The Peak-10 facility provides us with redundant highspeed access lines from multiple Tier-1 Internet Service Providers, filtered battery power, backup generator power, a climate controlled environment, hardware engineering support staff present 24/7/365, all within a Category-4 hurricane building with biometric identification and security card access only. Our redundant servers are available practically 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, with the rare exception of some maintenance cycles during the late evening or weekend hours. The application data is secure and backed up to a redundant server every hour during the day and backed up offsite each night. Click Peak-10 to learn more about Peak-10 facilities and services.

The hosted form of delivery relieves you of having to be concerned about keeping up with the hardware technology curve, as much as you would were you using a locally installed client-server application, since most moderately priced workstations available today can run Windows 2000 Professional or Windows XP Professional operating Systems. There are no software updates or upgrades to worry about or deal with, as all updates are performed by our support staff directly to our servers, which is not only convenient, but allows us to concentrate on improving the application rather than preparing and distributing the next software release. You also don't have to be concerned with securing and backing up your data. The application and your data are available virtually anytime day or night and may be accessed from anywhere that you can access the Internet. This means no more late nights at the office, when you are given access, you can work from anywhere; home, other offices, or while away on business travel. Employees on extended medical leave or pregnancy leave can still work in the comfort of their homes at any time of the day or night.

Lazer Systems is very flexible in how it can be configured. A company with multiple offices can have all offices on a common database, so that all employees can work from the same default information and have access to the same escrow accounts, or each office can have its own database and managed escrow accounts, while managers and accounting staff can be given access to each offices data and escrow accounting. This means that escrow accounts can be balanced from the central office at any time. The system flexibility also gives managers the option to spread the workload among his/her different locations. If one office is extremely busy and the other is not, the workload can easily be shifted and shared.

With the hosted Lazer Systems, you can also benefit greatly from our ability to provide you with real time assistance by "shadowing" your client session, while you operate the application. This capability permits us to operate the application along with you, as we answer your questions and explain corrective actions that may be required. We use this shadowing feature to conduct your employee's initial and refresher training as required.

We hope that you will give us the opportunity to demonstrate Lazer Systems for you. Online demonstrations are available. For an appointment, please contact Tony Lopez at (800) 330-1295. Once you have been given a demonstration, you'll have access to a training account so that you can continue to explore the features and functionality of Lazer Systems.

Reconciliation Services

ARES, Inc. offers escrow account reconciliation services. We will balance your escrow accounts on a monthly basis from our office.

HOW IT WORKS: When you receive your bank statement, fax, e-mail or mail a copy of it to us and we will log into your database and balance your account. There is no interruption of service due to the balancing process. Once we have balanced your account, we print and collate, under cover, all of the necessary reports and within 2 to 3 days you will receive them via first-class mail.

COST: The charge for balancing is $50.00 per hour with a one hour minimum per month per account. Most accounts with 500 checks or less can be balanced in less than one hour. The actual time spent will vary depending on how accurately users maintain the account on a daily basis (i.e. posting wires, voiding checks, etc.). The cost of postage is also billed.

BENEFITS: Having a disassociated third party balance escrow accounts is becoming increasingly attractive to underwriters and state auditors since it eliminates one primary element of concern - internal manipulation of funds. Your account will always be current and you, therefore, are always prepared for spot audits. For you performing account balancing in-house is a non-revenue producing endeavor. By outsourcing this necessary function, your personnel can spend their time more efficiently and profitably.

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